Weber’s Hotel and Restaurant of Ann Arbor Completes $2.5 Million Renovation

Weber\'s Hotel Entrance

Weber’s Hotel and Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI recently completed a $2.5million dollar renovation to their historic facilities. The renovation comprised of updating the exterior and interior of the buildings to showcase a modern hotel and restaurant look. Weber’s now has an updated entrance and exterior. Inside, visitors will find updated facilities that include the front lobby, downstairs lobby, pool area, and wedding and banquet areas.

Weber’s consulted A.R. Brouwer, a commercial construction company, along with architects at JPRA, to complete this renovation. The renovation was completed in three phases, all of which were done simultaneously. First, a new entrance was added, as well as a Porte Cochere. In phase II, Weber’s Restaurant and Habitat Lounge were renovated. Lastly, exterior windows were replaced, and a new façade was applied to most of the building.

On Thursday, November 10, 2011, Weber’s will celebrate these renovations with an architectural event at the facilities. Mr. Ken Weber, President of Weber’s, will join Mark von Werder of JPRA Architects, and Steve Brouwer, President of A.R. Brouwer Company, to discuss how this renovation was impacted by Michigan’s current economic climate and is following new trends in the industry. A tour of the facilities will follow the presentation.

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